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The best way to support the site is to offset registration and hosting costs by crediting me as a referrer if you use Hover or Webfaction. I’m not one for sales pitches, but here are the referral links and my reasons for choosing them:


They have great support and seem genuinely interested in providing quality service. I like that they focus on domain management (the UI is nice and uncluttered) rather than trying to sell you a million other services, and in general working with them feels more like interacting with actual humans rather than giant corporate tech support teams that couldn’t care less. Also, bonus points for having a tech blog and speaking out against CISPA. If you are going to sign up for them anyway, give me credit by using this referral link.


Webfaction is kind of a cross between a shared host and a VPS, which is great for python apps where shell access is important but you don’t need root level permissions. Webfaction is also kind of amazingly competitive in terms of what they offer for the price, and their support team is hands down the best I’ve dealt with for hosting support. If you’d like to try them out you can support this site’s hosting costs via this referral link.